Course offerings

Sample course offerings based on previous experience.  Custom curriculum is always a possibility! Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have. 

  • Acting

    Specialization in: Improvisational Theater, Commedia/Clowning, Film Noir, Literary Adaptation, Contemporary scene study, Collaborative Creation
  • Solo Performance Art and Site Specific Performance

    Class content: Guiding students to write and choreograph solo performance arts pieces incorporating extended vocal and body techniques in a variety of spaces. The course will also address the historical legacy of Performance Art in the United States and throughout the world, starting with a brief introduction to Dada and Futurist practices, and incorporating the Black Mountain College artists, Happenings, Body Art, Feminist Performance practices, The NEA 4 and related issues of censorship before assessing contemporary artists.
  • 20th Century American Theater History

    Class Content: An American Theater Survey course designed to give students an overview of theatrical practice from the turn of the century (Elmer Rice, Eugene O’Neill, through contemporary arts practitioners, (The Wooster Group, Robert Wilson, Richard Foreman, Reza Abdoh) while investigating political and social pressures that shape the work being made. This course would also address writing skills, with an emphasis on analytical essays.
  • 20th Century European Theater History/Theory

    Class Content: A European Theater Survey course designed to give students an overview of theatrical practice in Europe, as well as the philosophical movements that influence the arts practitioners. Artists covered in this course include: Dada and Futurist performers (Tristan Tzara, Hugo Ball) Brecht, Beckett, Lorca, Ibsen, Sartre, Stanislavski, Bond, Grotowski, and many other playwrights, directors, and theorists.
  • Puppetry

    Class Content: Introduction to object theater, shadow puppetry, and toy theater, exploring historical forms and modern examples of work.
  • Voice and Speech

    Class Content: A general overview of voice and speech techniques, drawing from Edith Skinner, Roy Hart, Linklater, and Alexander techniques to improve clarity and efficiency of the vocal apparatus for actors and non-actors.
  • Literary Adaptation for Teaching Artists

    Class content: A special topics Theater Education course designed to give teaching artists practical experience in the creation and implementation of literature-based theater curriculum, designed for use as a freelancer in schools. This course will also address issues of incorporating State Standards and practices to make curriculum more attractive to school districts.
  • Bullying intervention and social transformation

    Class Content: Using Augusto Boal’s “Theater of the Oppressed” techniques, this course gives agency to middle school students struggling with Bullying in their classroom environments. This course is ideally suited to non-performers, introducing theatrical techniques while also honing skills of journalism, mediation, and collaboration.